Can't Seem to Keep Your Feet Warm?

Can't Seem to Keep Your Feet Warm?

Established in Rotterdam NY, we have unique Slip and Slide Slippers

You have a tough time keeping your feet warm when you walk around your home. Luckily, Journeys Accessories, LLC carries slip and slide slippers that will help keep your feet nice and toasty. Journeys slip and slides provides cloud cushioning and character that will guarantee comfort. We use plush fabric that will guarantee a custom fit for your feet. Plus, each slipper is custom-made to the foot of the customer.

Interested in getting your own pair of slide slippers? Come to our store in Rotterdam, NY now.

Get the perfect pair of slippers today

Like the Kid look? worries these are available in all sizes for Men, Woman, & Children. You'll find that our slippers:

  • Universal and Unisex
  • Available in all sizes
  • Won't hurt your wallet
  • Slip and Slide Slippers are durable for Long Term Wear

You can also come to us for kid's pajamas. Call 518-243-9876 today to learn more about our children's slippers.